Shredding services

Gama Communications and Engineering offers industrial plants a mobile set of shredding services. The shredding services are provided in the customer’s yard or alternatively in Gama’s warehouses.
We offer design and supply of recycling systems in the fields of electronics, plastics, wood products, etc.

Shredding services - a mobile system for factories ● For recycling ● For destruction ● For reducing waste volumes ● For maintaining confidentiality

Can be shredded: plastic and sheets, cardboard and paper, wood, glass, tin, rubber, textiles and leather
Waste: Medical, Electronic, Food, Industrial
Various packaging, organic waste and more …

מגריסה - שירותי גריסה

The shredding services help huge savings in waste removal cost and / or preparation for recycling

גריסת חשמל ומעגלים אלקטרונים

Hard Disc, Electrical Circuits

גריסת פלסטיק

Plastic barrels in different volumes

גריסת נייר לבן, מסמכים סודיים

White paper, confidential documents

גריסת עץ וקרשים

Wood, planks and surfaces

שירותי גריסה

Primary and secondary bromine shredding system, Neot Hovav

שירותי גריסה

Shredder for shredding services for destruction 4Teva

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